Mint Alternative – Our Weekly Budgeting App

If you are looking for an alternative to Mint, consider giving Weekly a try.  Weekly keeps you from overspending by giving you a set weekly spending limit. 

Many users have made the switch to Weekly which is an app like Mint in that it can download all your transactions and keep you on budget but it also has some distinct advantages.  Read their testimonials below.

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Other things you will love about Weekly…

Responsive Support

We love to hear from our customers and regularly take into account feedback when building new features.

Emoji Love

Weekly allows you to assign emoji to budget items making budgeting more visual and fun.

Connect All Your Accounts

See the value of all your bank accounts and credit cards.

Upcoming Bills

Track your upcoming bill dates.

Reviews from Former Users of Mint on Weekly as a Mint Alternative


 I used to use Mint, but I hated having to categorize everything. With this app, you track what’s static and recurring and the rest is your weekly budget in one lump sum. I also love that it syncs with my bank and notifies me when new transactions come through. Its a great app with amazing customer support as well!


Best budgeting app!

Hands down the easiest budgeting app that actually works! I have tried mint, Dave Ramsey, and many others and this simplifies it down to what you really need> how much can I spend a WEEK (especially for tight incomes) vs A MONTH (more apt to loose track of financial expenditures/accountability). Weekly has been so much easier to use… than any other app I have tried!

– Late Fees and Rejection

Game changer

My wife and I used Mint for over 8 years, but we always struggled to have money left at the end of the month. We’ve been using Weekly for several weeks now, and what’s amazing is that we seem to have money left over each weekend to go out to eat, or do some fun family activities. The app is really well done and intuitive, and it’s great that I can share an account with my wife, so we can work together to stay on budget.

Justin Carboneau

Please read

This is a phenomenal app…. it basically forces you to enter regular income and expenses. It then calculates a weekly budget of what is left over. This is very powerful… I found this to be the BEST system to date. I have tried YNAB, quicken, mint and a few others. Download it and try it. You can finally find your adult allowance. LOL

– thepurists