Hey! We’re Drew and Dan.

We’re the co-founders of Weekly. We’re on a mission to help people succeed at budgeting. Picking a budgeting app is more than just picking a tool, it’s picking a philosophy of budgeting. That’s why we’ve scratched the traditional budgeting methods and started with a human-first approach. We build Weekly to simplify what it means to stay on budget – since budgeting is already hard, the easier your tool is the better chance you have to succeed.

Weekly was first invented by Dan after trying lots of different budgeting tools with his wife Anna with pathetic results. Dan graduated with a degree in accounting and had a strong understanding of the numbers. He realized, however, that budgets are more about people than they are about numbers. The budget should be a tool that supports the way people operate. People don’t operate on a monthly basis. We live a week at a time.

So, Dan and Anna started tracking their budget on a weekly basis. Tracking spending on a weekly basis means that income and committed expenses like rent and car payments need to be averaged into a weekly amount as well. Finding exactly how much you can spend each week is an enlightening moment!

Since spending is tracked a week at a time Dan stopped using categories to group spending by groceries, entertainment, gas, etc. and just had a single number to stay within each week – their “Safe-to-Spend”. Finally, Dan created an app where both he and Anna could add in their purchases and know confidently that as long as they stayed below their safe-to-spend, they were good.

And it worked. Dan and Anna started seeing immediate improvements.

Soon after, Dan showed his idea to Drew, and we partnered up to bring Weekly to market. Weekly was launched in the App Store in November of 2019.

Since then, over 100,000 people have downloaded Weekly. Weekly connects to thousands of banking institutions and our users have kept track of hundreds of thousands of their purchases using Weekly to keep them on budget!