What are Funds

Funds allow you to track money outside of your Safe-to-Spend. Think of funds as buckets you can save to and spend from.Funds are flexible and can be used for all sorts of things like tracking a savings goal or holiday budget, managing spending between partners, or even tracking your kid’s allowance.

Creating and contributing to funds

When you create a fund you can set a contribution amount and starting balance. The contribution amount reduces your weekly Safe-to-Spend. Each week a new transaction will be added with your set contribution amount.

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Create a new fund

Spending from funds

In addition to contributing to your funds you can also spend directly out of funds. When reviewing bank transactions simply select the “Funds” option and select the fund to spend from.

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Confirm Fund Transaction

Seeing all funds

You can keep up-to-date on all the funds in your account on the funds overview screen.

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Save for goals using funds

Locking and archiving
You can lock :lock: a fund when you want to keep it active but don’t want to see it in your funds list. This can be useful for seasonal funds like Christmas or birthdays. Locked funds still receive weekly contributions but are not available to select when reviewing bank transactions. Locked funds can be shown by tapping Filter & sort and selecting Show locked.You can archive :inbox_tray: a fund when you’re done with it. This will stop the weekly contributions and the fund will not be visible unless you select Show archived from the Filter & sort options.

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Remember that Weekly uses averages (link to FAQ about averages) to compute what’s available to add to your Safe-to-Spend and your funds. Your fund balance is not directly tied to your checking or savings account. Make sure you’re setting aside money in your savings account when you contribute to funds.