How much does Weekly cost?

Weekly is completely free to use to set up your budget and track your purchases manually.  You can optionally paid to upgrade to Weekly PRO for access to more features such as automatic transaction syncing with your bank and credit cards.  The Weekly PRO subscription costs $7.99 per month or $47.99 per year (50% discount).

Here’s a breakdown of different features in Weekly and Weekly PRO.

 WeeklyWeekly PRO
Set Up Your BudgetYesYes
Discover Your Safe-to-SpendYesYes
Track Your Purchases ManuallyYesYes
Use For Unlimited Number of WeeksYesYes
zically Download Transactions from Bank and Credit CardsYes
Set Up Funds To Track Savings GoalsYes
Upcoming Bills ReportYes
Cash Over Time ReportYes
CostFREE$7.99 / month or $47.99 / year