Managing Suggestion Rules

To turbo-charge the review of incoming transactions, you may choose to “Always Suggest” transactions from certain vendors be mapped to a particular Safe-to-Spend category, Recurring Expenses or even as Fund transactions.

This help article shows you were can review the Vendor associated rules that you have setup and remove them if you no longer want them.

Suggestion Rules Screen

All your Vendor suggestion rules are listed under in “Suggestion Rules” in “Settings” (to get to “Settings” tap top left menu bar)

The Manage Suggestion Rules screen shows all the suggestions you have created.

The color of the square icon indicates the suggested Destination.

  • Green indicates Safe-to-Spend
  • Blue indicates Fund
  • Purple indicates Recurring
  • Red indicates Ignore

The emoji in the square will indicate the category, budget item or fund that Weekly is suggesting the transaction be mapped to.

So for example in the screenshot above the shopping bags next to Amazon indicate this Weekly user has set “Shopping” to be auto-suggested for all transactions from Amazon. Now you can always change the category when reviewing the transaction but if this rule is on “Shopping” is the one that will be suggested so that you can quickly tap and review transactions as they come in.

To further understand what the rule is setup, you can tap the rule and it will show you in text what the rules is setup to do. See below.

If you no longer what this suggestion rule, you can delete the rule by tapping the “x”.

If you want to change the rule associated with a transaction you can do that one of two ways.

  • You can delete the current rules and suggest a new one when you review the next transaction from that vendor.
  • You can aslo “edit” a rule without deleting it by overriding it. On the Individual Transaction Review screen, just select “Always Suggest” after picking a different destination for that vendor and the rule will be updated.

In either case, you edit or set new rules when a transaction from the vendor comes in again. It is not possible to edit a rule in the “Manage Suggestion Rules” page.

Category Editing Screen

When editing a category, you can also delete any rules you setup for that category mapping. In the screenshot below, the rules are listed below the “Suggest when transaction name is:” and you can delete them by tapping “x”.


The transaction review process is significantly enhanced by your Vendor suggestions. You can see and delete the suggestions you have setup in the “Suggestion Rules” screen and, for categories, under each individual Category detail page.