Regular income

When you first create your budget, you add in your regular income. Regular income is income that happens at a set interval for the same amounts. What you need to do to set up your regular income in Weekly is figure out how much you are paid and how often you are paid it.

The three attributes of regular income are:

  • Amount – This is the amount of your paycheck. For simplicity we recommend that you put in the amount after taxes.
  • Interval – How often are you paid the amount. For example, if you are paid twice a month, every other week, monthly or something else — you define that here.
  • Next Transaction Date (optional) – On what day will you receive you next paycheck.

You can add in your regular income when are first setting up Weekly during the onboarding process or afterwards when you add a new budget item.

Adding in the date of your next paycheck is optional but if you add it, this will improve the ability for Weekly to match your transactions. If you don’t have that information handy, don’t worry, we will automatically add in the next transaction date based on your pay interval when you add your next paycheck manually or downloaded from the bank.

Please note: regular income assumes a salaried paycheck. If your income is not salaried but rather irregular or “lumpy”, learn how to handle your irregular income in our help file “How do I handle variable income in Weekly?