Account Management

When you connect your financial institutions to Weekly, your transactions are automatically downloaded to help keep your budget up to date.

This week’s release adds the ability to view what institutions are linked to Weekly. This allows you to check your account balances, choose which accounts sync to Weekly, and remove institutions when necessary. Let’s review these changes in more detail.

#1 View and Manage Accounts

When you link an institution to Weekly, all the accounts associated with your credentials become available to sync. These institutions and related accounts are now visible on a new Accounts Tab. Accounts are listed in this tab along with their balances.

There may be some accounts associated with an institution that don’t relate to your personal spending (like an investment account or business account). Since the transactions for these accounts don’t reflect your personal spending, you can disable syncing them so transactions don’t show up to be reviewed.

Tapping on an institution shows a page where accounts can be disabled/enabled. Simply toggle the switch to disable or re-enable syncing an account. This page also enables updating your credentials when necessary. If you change your password for an institution, use this page to update it and keep syncing.

#2 Removing Institutions

In some cases you may want to remove an institution entirely. When you delete an institution, all information associated with the institution will also be deleted. This includes accounts, account balances, transactions, and the security credentials used to access your institution. You can add back the institution in the future if needed.

To delete an institution simply tap on the institution and press Delete Institution.

#3 Updated Guides

With the new tab added for Accounts we’ve moved the guides to the settings page. If you’re new to Weekly or want to learn more about how to use Weekly — take a look at the guides! Guides are written to help bring users up to speed with Weekly concepts.

Also we want to give a shout-out to Kory Ball, one of our Weekly beta users who volunteered to make several grammatical corrections to the guides. Thanks Kory!

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