7 Money Saving Tips You May Have Never Thought of Before

Saving money can come in many forms.  It can mean a whole lifestyle change but it can also mean finding small ways to save a little in different areas of your budget. Small changes that stick can add up in your life.

These money saving tips can help you along the way to get the most out of a dollar. Little changes for big outcomes and more money for the things that you love.

1. Get The Most Out Of Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are designed to do more than just provide a breeze in warm weather. They redistribute the air in the room to make it more comfortable. But that’s not all. Most ceiling fans come with a switch which reverses the direction of the blades.

In the summer your ceiling fan should be running counterclockwise. This pushes the air down to the floor and out towards the walls. Displaced air is then pushed up along the walls and back up towards the ceiling.

Since cooler air sinks to the ground the movement of air produced by the spinning of the fan blades brings cool air to where you can feel it. This is known as the wind chill effect. Using the cool air more efficiently can lead to substantial savings on your air conditioning bills.

During winter months your ceiling fans need to run clockwise. This creates an updraft pulling cooler air up to the ceiling where it displaces pockets of warm air that are trapped at the top of the room. This is one of the simplest money saving tips but it can save you as much as 15% on your heating bills.

2. Drink more water

Water is healthy and we should all probably be drinking more of it, but it’s great for saving money too. Bottled water is far less expensive than juice or soda and it’s naturally sugar free. This money saving tip is good for your health and your budget.

Save even more money by giving up store bought water and switching to tap water instead. Or go for a compromise and filter tap water yourself at home. A simple jug style filter will do the job or install one right on the faucet and have filtered drinking water on tap for whenever you’re thirsty.

3. Fill Up Your Freezer

A freezer that is full of frozen food retains the cold better than one that is empty. It is more efficient to keep food frozen than it is to cool empty space. All that frozen stuff keeps the cold in there and your freezer doesn’t have to work as hard or use as much power.

Don’t want to overstock on food you don’t need? No worries. Make the most of this money saving tip without spending a dime. Fill plastic bottles with water and freeze those instead.

Keep your freezer full but don’t pack it too tightly. For optimal efficiency the air needs to circulate around all that frozen stuff. So keep the freezer full but not overstuffed and watch the savings on your energy bills.

4. Use A Budgeting App

Tracking your income, expenses, and savings can be a tedious job. Simplify the process with a simple but effective  budgeting app to help you live within your means and save for goals. You will be far more likely to make and stick to your budget if it isn’t overly difficult to track your money.

5. Get Cash Back When You Shop

When you do spend money it might as well be working for you. Get cash back on purchases with rebate websites and cash back credit cards. Do your research and learn which options offer the highest returns on various types of purchases to maximize how much you get back.  Here’s an article from NerdWallet that outlines some of the most popular cash back apps.

Don’t use cash back as an excuse to spend. If you want to reap the rewards of this money saving tip, make only the purchases you were planning to. The cash back rewards should be rolled back into your budget and used accordingly.

6. Order Groceries Online

Many grocery stores will now allow you to order online with curbside pickup. The great thing about ordering online is that you know how much you’re spending before you check out. If the amount surprises you it’s easy to go back and remove items from your cart.

Online ordering lets you compare prices between brands, sizes, and even stores. By not going up and down aisles of products you won’t be tempted to buy things you didn’t plan to. Stick to your list and know how much you’re spending with this money saving tip.

7. Use Wool Balls in the Dryer

Fabric softener and dryer sheets offer soft, fluffy, and static free laundry but they contain chemicals and a hefty price tag. Wool dryer balls can accomplish the same job but in a natural way and at a fraction of the cost. These reusable wool balls bounce around in the dryer fluffing laundry and removing static.

Wool dryer balls retain heat while separating laundry allowing air to circulate more freely in the dryer. Not only do they help make irresistible towels, wool dryer balls can also help you reduce your electricity bill by cutting drying time by 25 percent. You can put this money saving tip into overdrive and save even more by making the dryer balls yourself.

Sometimes small things can add up to a big difference and saving money is no exception. These money saving tips make it easy to save a bit of cash without denying yourself and there’s no need for major lifestyle changes. Start implementing some of these ideas and have more money for the things that bring you joy.