We have just launched a new feature in Weekly that allows you to split transactions so that separate parts of the transactions can be “mapped” to different destinations.  This allows for more accuracy in how you manage the information that comes into Weekly to help you manage your spending and savings.

Use Case Scenarios

Here are some typical use cases that split transactions allows you handle:

  1. Divide one transaction between Safe-to-Spend and a Fund (or multiple Funds).
  2. Handle the difference between actual irregular income amounts and budgeted income amounts.
  3. Handle charges from companies that bundle them, like for example Apple.
  4. Divide a charge between two different Safe-to-Spend categories. (What?!  Safe-to-Spend categories?  More on this down below.)

For full explanation on how to use split transactions in each of these scenarios, please see our knowledge base article “Splitting Transactions“.

How To Split a Transaction

The split transaction icon looks like a set of divergent arrows and it shows up for a transaction at the top right of the “Confirm Transaction” screen.

When you tap that it will bring you to the screen to create your first split.

When you set the amount, you can then select a Destination and then tap “Create Split”.

Then you will be brought to create your next split.  You go through the same process of setting a name, the amount and picking the destination.  You can create as many splits as you need until the total amount of the transaction is used up at which point you will be brought back to the Confirm Transaction screen.

When you finish splitting a transaction, you will see them listed below the transaction on the Confirm Transaction page.

Safe-to-Spend Categories?

We are planning a release allowing you to map your Safe-to-Spend categories so you can track spending trends. (Safe-to-Spend categories can be applied to any transactions not just split transactions but it will fit nicely into splitting transaction.)  If you would like to test out the new functionality, please reach out to [email protected].


Split transaction helps you deal with real-life transaction scenarios and sort them in Weekly in ways to keep you on budget.

Read More at our knowledge base article titled “Splitting Transactions“.