Most Recommended Drinks to be Added in a Healthy Diet!


We know that drinks are as important as meals. Learn which ones you should take following these 7 healthy recommendations. If you sometimes gain weight despite a balanced diet, you may need to pay attention to the liquids you are ingesting.

“Many of the calories your body receives daily come, silently, from the drinks you eat”.

It’s time to choose and know what the best drinks are in a healthy diet. Surely, your routine makes you spend most of your time away from home. Maybe you have to go to restaurants for work meetings, to a bar to see friends, or drink a lot of machine coffee. Possibly, those are the moments in which you consume more calories. Drinks also influence hunger and satiety, not just your weight. If this is new for you, we imagine that you want to stop sabotaging your diet.

Drinks in a Healthy Diet

There are drinks that are always going to adapt to a balanced and healthy eating plan. Are those that will help our body to function optimally? In that sense, we will present you 7 drinks that will help you in your diet. Now, if you have any doubt about their properties or how to take advantage of them better, consult a nutritionist.

1. Water

Water should always be your first choice. There are numerous studies that confirm that this liquid revitalizes the functions of the organism. On the other hand, researchers announced at a meeting of The American Chemical Society that water is a great ally to lose weight. The scientists said that people who drink water before main meals can lose up to 2 Weight more compared to those who do not. They advised to drink 2 glasses of water before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On the other hand, drinking water helps lubricate the joints during exercise. In addition, it brings vitality to organs and muscles. We recommend drinking half a liter of water two or three hours before each workout. Specifically 250 ml 10 minutes before starting them and every 25 minutes during all physical activity.

2. Tea

If it is a question of drinks in a healthy diet, tea cannot be absent since it is a rich source of antioxidants. It works to eliminate toxins and to combat disorders related to the digestive process. Neutralizes stomach acids and facilitates digestion. On the other hand, black tea is a great substitute for coffee. So if you want to decrease the doses of coffee you consume, you can resort to this liquid. Only one cup contains 50 mg of caffeine, while coffee contributes 100 to 190 mg per cup.

3. Milk

This drink has its detractors and their respective defenders. Now, apparently it helps burn fat. In that sense, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study that confirms this version. Research indicates that people who consume three servings of dairy a day can reduce 1 kilogram of body fat. On the other hand, people who do not, maintain their physical condition.

4. Black Beer

Black beer is one of the best drinks in a healthy diet. Its properties are many. This liquid is a great source of antioxidants, necessary to fight muscular inflammations produced during exercise, seeking a quick recovery. Composed of 93% water, black beer also provides a significant amount of iron, a mineral that helps transport oxygen to all parts of the body. Because of this, it is essential for cells. The more oxygen you have, the better you can respond to your training. Drink a beer once in a while will not hurt you.

5. Lemonade

This drink is ideal to strengthen your immune system. It is rich in vitamin C and acts as a detoxifier and will refresh you when you need it. You can prepare it with fresh lemons, sweetener and water.

6. Smoothies Detox

Detox shakes will help you eliminate the toxins produced by commercial products filled with saturated fats and refined sugar. Use vegetables, and combine them with fresh fruits. You can add nuts, seeds and protein powder.

7. Coffee

Coffee is a beverage that helps fight diabetes. A cup of coffee without sugar, whole milk or cream can provide magnesium and chromium, two minerals that help the body to use insulin , the hormone that participates in the control of blood sugar.

You already see that the drinks in a healthy diet can vary. Each one fulfills a function and will help you maintain your physical and mental state. You only have to avoid those that make you bad, like sodas. In any case, remember to consult a specialist. He will tell you exactly what your body needs.


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