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For a woman to capture the heart of her man, she must learn how to tease and gloriously torment him in a special way. She must be able to offer more intense, exciting, connected and erotic sexual performance repeatedly. Once you fail to understand the love, passion and lust that men harbours in their heart; you should consider yourself a failure. This is what The Language of Desire by Felicity Keith is seeking to help many ladies achieved in their love life. It’s about blending love and desire together, to help you find and nurture long term relationship.

What is The Language of Desire (LoD)?

It is an online program designed especially for women who want a extremely satisfying solution to turning on a man both sexually and emotionally by use of sexy words and phrases. It shows them about the psychology of a man’s mind and how using dirty language can get their men to desire them, and only them. It’s designed for women who want to learn how to talk dirty to their man without always feeling ashamed or awkward.

For years, women have shied away from bedroom matters. They shy away through trying out new seduction tips like dirty talks and creative sexual experiments in fear of being labelled by their men. Nonetheless, a current release, The Language of Desire by Felicity Keith has actually changed the common assumption. With this program, women can now stop exit the backstage and re-ignite the sexual fire in the bedroom by using this program. Language Of Desire Free pdf Download

Felicity Keith created video that will reveal several key methods you will get inside this program. Watch this video below:

It’s a 10 module course program. Every module contain sub-module which contain methods and lessons as it regards to the main module. In every module, you will get a worksheet that lets you to test your knowledge of every module covered. Here is a fast intro of each modules and what they contain. Language Of Desire 

1st Module: Introduction

2nd Module: Become A Sexual Superwoman : This module first tackles the fear of being label a slut by the society and show you how you can practice dirty talk without losing your dignity. As well in this module, reader are introduced to The Madonna Moan Language Of Desire pdf Download

3rd Module: Loving Man’s Best Friend : You might be wondering what is man’s best friend if not dog… well your man’s best friend is his penis and in this module you’ll learn how to love and take care of your man’s best friend. The more you love and care for it, the more he will love you. Language Of Desire Tips

4th Module: Brain Chemistry And Sex : This module works with the male sexual psychology. Here you will learn how your man thinks, what is important to him, his desires and what he thinks of sex. As well in this module you will be introduced to more methods which include The Cuddle Hormone, Pavlov’s Erection.

5th Module: Erotic Action Movie Technique : Module Five is all about methods. This module introduces you to the Erotic Action Movie concept and teaches you how to write your own erotic movie and play it out with your partner. Language Of Desire Guide

6th Module: Desire Intensifiers : This module shows you how to crank up the intimacy heat. A few methods are discussed in this module which include Tease Intensifier, Oral Intensifier, Verbal Viagra Method and The Boiled Frog. Language Of Desire Download

7th Module: Upgrade Your Relationship Status : This module is for singles. If you have a man in your life whom you are interested in but see you as friend, this module shows you how to move from the Friend-Zone to the Fantasy Girl. Language Of Desire Free

8th Module: Getting Your Fantasies Met : This module is very practical. In this module you will learn how to plant seeds of desires in the mind of your man and make use of several techniques like Lust Mirror, Erotic Telepathy, Romance Rotator to experiment with your man. Language Of Desire Pdf

9th Module: When Sex Isn’t Possible : This module works with when sex isn’t feasible and how to go about it. As well you’ll learn how to be dirty from a distance and the No Touch Lay method.

10th Module: Dirty Talk Mastery Class : This module brings everything with each other.

Who Created The Language of Desire?

It was created by Felicity Keith. If you’ve never heard of her before, that’s actually a good thing. Keith isn’t a guru, she isn’t a psychologist, and she isn’t a scientist who uses fancy language and medical science to back up her claims. In reality, Felicity Keith is likely just like many of us. She’s a 42-year-old mother.

She’s a woman who, thru an embarrassing moment with her own man, found that her sex life was lacking. She set out on a mission to change that, and to get her man sexually interested in her once again. The whole course is full of information that Keith found thru research and tried out on her own relationship. All through her learning process she wrote down what worked and what didn’t work in a personal journal, then she chose to share it with the world. The LOD is so well-known, partly because of who Keith is, and who Keith is not. She is “every woman.” Language Of Desire Guide Free


It includes 3 amazing bonuses:

  • Silent Seduction – just a practical guide to the act of seducing a man. It shows women various tricks on how to arouse him without saying a single word. The guide teaches women how to use body language like smiling or winking, tilting of the head in order to “confuse“ his sexual nervous system and drive him wild.
  • The Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty – includes 200+ sexy text messages that women can try out on their men. Women get to feel much more confident, which can help them overcome shyness as they learn the new set of skills. Language Of Desire Ebook Download
  • Unstoppable Confidence – It’s an MP3 downloadable teaching material that contains over 90 minutes of some deep conversations between Michael Griswold and Michael Fiore of Digital Romance. The training shows women how to encounter men with confidence and get everything they want whenever they want it.


  • The author of this program shares her personal experience, which makes it easy for people to relate with. She as well brings in her years of experience in relationship and dating counseling.
  • The main program is broken down with ease into 10 separate modules every containing lessons and worksheet for practice purpose and note taking. This makes it really easy to read and understand.
  • Not like most relationship books, this program dives into the sex world that people don’t usually want to talk about yet everyone is affected by it. Language Of Desire Tricks
  • Filled with practical examples. In Module Six, short create sms example are given that you can send to your man to intensifier his desires for you. Language Of Desire Tips
  • There’s a 60 days money back guarantee on this product which means if within 60 days you aren’t satisfied or don’t get the result it promises, you can ask for a full refund. Language Of Desire Free Guide


  • Especially for women only. I would love to see a male version, men as well have role to play in the success of any relationship. Language Of Desire Program
  • The use of strong sexual language may be a little embarrassing to a few users who are either religious or not use to such strong words. Language Of Desire Works
  • The price might be a turn away for several people depending on their budget. Language Of Desire


Its program is a very good program for woman to support their sexual relationship with their partner. It’s an ideal handbook to look at your personal self and the hidden strength in you to make your man fall for you for good. The program absolutely makes your partner love more than ever before. If you’re a lady who feels shy in the matters of sex, then this course is absolutely for you. Therefore, if you want to bring a change in your sexual life with your partner without any strain or stress and make your partner long for you all the time, it’s a must for you to read The Language of Desires. Language Of Desire Download

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