Importance of Consulting a Specialist Before Starting a Diet!


Before starting with a diet it is essential to visit the nutritionist to evaluate the state of health and life habits. Taking these aspects into account allows you to choose a balanced and safe diet. Most people decide to start a diet without first consulting the specialist, thanks to the ease of accessing recommendations. It is true that much general advice can be useful, however, it is very important to evaluate each case, since the age, weight and health status of the person should be considered.

“Ignoring these aspects can cause counterproductive effects when modifying the Eating”.

In fact, the reason why many fail to improve their diet is because they do not take into account the way their body works. Are you about to start with a diet? If you have not considered visiting the doctor before doing so, discover several reasons why it is necessary.

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Why is a Medical Consultation Important Before Starting a Diet?

Visiting a nutritionist periodically to design an appropriate diet is always advisable. This specialist can evaluate how diet should be based on the requirements of each body. As explained by the Academy of Nutritionists and Dietologists , anyone can believe a nutritionist, but only a certified nutritionist has completed multiple stages of education and passes rigorous exams.

The Organism can be Altered

Any change in diet can bring about an alteration of the organism, especially when the diet is low in calories. As a result, some symptoms and health problems that reduce the quality of life arise:

  • Muscular fatigue
  • Drowsiness and fatigue
  • Hypo tension
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Constipation and diarrhea
  • Abdominal distention
  • Dizziness
  • Rebound effect
  • Chronic diseases

There may be Nutritional Deficiencies

The “miracle” diets that are so widely shared among people almost always produce nutritional deficiencies and side effects that expose health. Nutritionists do not recommend these plans because they do not give good results in the medium and long term. From their professional point of view, they can recommend a balanced diet to achieve permanent and safe effects.

Some Diets Cause Eating Disorders

Doctors and nutrition specialists always verify that their patients’ diets are balanced and complete. When a person follows an extreme regime runs the risk of falling into eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Therefore, to detect any irregularity in time, it is essential to have that professional supervision.

Unwanted Interactions may Occur

Starting a diet without consulting the doctor increases the risk of suffering from the undesirable interactions of some supplements or medications with food. If there are pharmacological treatments in between, the doctor is the only one who can determine which foods are safe so that there is no side effect.

The Specialist Provides Nutritional Education

The nutritionist, based on his knowledge, is able to provide nutritional education to avoid falling into wrong Eating routines. By visiting him before beginning a diet, he can explain in detail why it is or is not convenient to do it. In addition, they are responsible for demonstrating that a healthy diet is not synonymous with starving or eating only vegetables.

Emotional Support

The nutritionist can be a great emotional support to take a diet because, in the first place, it gives us the confidence of knowing that we are taking the right steps, under professional advice. In addition, the nutritionist can report properly on the progress and achievements of a diet, which is a great encouragement to continue.

Are you following a diet without the supervision of a professional? Watch out! As safe as it sounds, it can cause unintended consequences if it is not appropriate for your case.

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