Can Coffee Really Help us Lose Weight in a Healthy Way?


Along with a balanced diet and physical activity, coffee, thanks to its thermogenic effects, can be an advisable complement to lose body fat in a healthy way. You may have heard on more than one occasion that “coffee helps you lose weight.” In fact, in slimming diets, supposedly miraculous remedies often appear. However, far from helping us improve our line, they can endanger our health. We tell you the truth about coffee and lose weight. The idea that coffee helps lose weight has aspects that are true and others that are not at all and that, undoubtedly, you should know. This stimulating drink is ideal to include it in a varied and balanced diet. However, do not make the mistake of drinking several cups a day hoping to lose fat. On the contrary, this will not be anything healthy.

Is it True that Coffee can Take Away my Hunger?

There are many of us who could not live without coffee, without a steaming and intoxicating morning cup. It is a drink of ancestral tradition, with numerous benefits:

  • He is an excellent psychoactive, able to improve many of our brain functions.
  • In addition, coffee is rich in vitamin B2, B5, magnesium, potassium, niacin…
  • On the other hand, it helps to optimize the functions of our liver.
  • It helps protect us from numerous heart diseases.

Research on Coffee and Decreased Appetite

One of the most widespread beliefs is that coffee is ideal to fight hunger, perfect to drink between meals and avoid so we end up biting something.

Is this true? Not at all. We explain it to you:

  • In a study carried out in Australia for the Appetite magazine, a group of 100 people was followed up over a year, to conclude that coffee does not affect the appetite reduction at all. The only one who managed to lower the appetite for an hour and a half was the “decaffeinated coffee.” However, it was observed that people who usually take this variety usually drink more than three cups a day. In this way, they end up generating other unhealthy side effects.
  • The simple fact of eating an apple between meals offers a much higher satiety than a cup of decaffeinated coffee. While the latter takes away our hunger for an hour and a half, a green apple does so for three hours. In addition, it is much healthier.
  • The main effect of coffee is to stimulate the central nervous system, so that it puts us on alert and activates us. However, it does not reduce the feeling of hunger at all.
  • There is another curious aspect that is worth knowing: not all people metabolize coffee in the same way. Depending on the case, certain neurotransmitters are activated that can “awaken” some and “sleep” others. Therefore, some people do well to drink coffee to reduce headache. On the contrary, for others, it acts as a trigger. So, the best thing is for you to decide whether drinking coffee helps or not.

Aspects in Which Coffee can Help us Lose Weight

In no case should we limit ourselves to drinking more than three cups of coffee a day with the idea of ​​losing weight.

“Do not think that taking “decaffeinated coffee” is an excuse to raise daily consumption”.

As you know, drinking too much caffeine can produce everything from insomnia to anxiety disorders or irritability. Therefore, always take it with moderation.

We now tell you in what ways coffee can help us lose weight:

  • The coffee contains thermogenic, which help us activate the metabolism and, in turn, to raise body temperature. If we have a proper diet and an active life, coffee can be an ideal complement to promote the loss of body fat.
  • The most appropriate time to take it is in the mornings. Thus, it gives us energy and an adequate mental state to start the day with optimism. All this can “help” us to lose weight every day.
  • In addition to coffee, there are other beverages that also have these thermogenic substances, such as red tea, green tea, maca or guarana. You can also take them in the morning.
  • It is not advisable to exceed the daily consumption of coffee. Indeed, there may come a time when it can generate more dangers than benefits.
  • If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, the best option is undoubtedly green coffee. It is very rich in antioxidants and perfect for slimming diets.
  • Remember that to lose weight it is not appropriate to include too much sugar, cream or whole milk. It is best to take caffeine without too many “extra calories”.



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