What is considered regular income?

Regular income is the starting point for building a budget. It is simply the average amount of money available to cover all expenses. For many people, regular income is simply their net paycheck.

Even if you don’t have a regular paycheck (or any paycheck at all) you’ll still need to determine how much you can safely spend. If your income is irregular (from contract or “gig” work) it may be helpful to average your income over the past three months and start there. (Make sure to reduce this number by any taxes you’ll need to pay if they aren’t being deducted when you’re paid).

In some cases, you may have a one-off income like a birthday check or a bonus at work. You can add this income directly to your Safe-to-Spend just like you would add a day-to-day expense. Tap the plus button on the Dashboard and simply select “Income” instead of “Expense” at the top of the page.