Categorizing Safe-to-Spend Transactions

When reviewing Safe-to-Spend transactions, you have the option to define a category for those transactions. If you categorize your transaction, you can see the amount you have spent in those categories and unlock category spending averages so you can compare your current spending to your personal averages. In this knowledgebase article, we will cover the process of assigning transactions to different categories.

Two ways to assign categories

You assign categories to Safe-to-Spend categories when you review transaction. You can review your transaction either individually one-by-one or in bulk in a transaction list view.

  • Individual Transaction Review
  • Transaction Review List

We will walk you through both ways to assign categorize to Safe-to-Spend transactions.

Individual Transaction Review

When you are reviewing your transactions one-by-one, you can select a category for your Safe-to-Spend transactions.

When reviewing the individual transaction, tap Safe-to-Spend then a list of categories will drop down to choose from. You can then select a category and tap “Confirm”.

You may also see a “Suggested” category underneath the transaction. These suggestions are made based on a set of rules including the bank provided transaction category and your own suggestion rules that you setup when approving transactions.

Weekly’s suggestions show up as a colored pill underneath the transaction card.

If you tap on the the suggestion, the transaction type of “Safe-to-Spend” and the category (in this case “Groceries”) will be selected.

Safe-to-Spend category suggestions will be in a green rectangle, while suggestion for Recurring budget items will be in purple, Fund suggestions will be in blue and “Ignore” suggestion will be in red. See more about our Suggestion Rules.

Always Suggest

When approving a transaction that does not have any suggestion rules associated with it, you wil see the option to “Always Suggest” the category for the vendor. This is how personal suggestion rules are set.

If you choose to “Always suggest” then the next time a transaction comes through from that vendor Weekly will have a green rectangle that is tappable that will file the transaction as a Safe-to-Spend transaction and fill in the category without having to choose it again.

As Weekly learns all you “Always suggest” rules, it will make reviewing transactions easier and easier, especially on the transaction bulk review screen (see below).

Any vendor to category suggestions you have setup are visible on the Manage Category page where you can remove the rules you have setup. In the screenshot below you can see the transaction rules that have been setup under “W/hen transaction name is” section of Managing a category.

Transaction Review List

You also assign categories to Safe-to-Spend categories by tapping icons on the transaction review list screen.

To get to the bulk review screen, tap on the list icon on the top right of a individual transaction review page.

it also allows you to quickly map transaction to Recurring budget items and Funds.

The transaction review list screen shows you all the unreviewed transaction and quickly allows you to tap the square icon associated with the transaction if you want to accept Weekly’s suggestions.

The color of the square icon indicates the suggested Destination.

  • Green indicates Safe-to-Spend
  • Blue indicates Fund
  • Purple indicates Recurring
  • Red indicates Ignore

The emoji in the square will indicate the category, budget item or fund that Weekly is suggesting the transaction be mapped to.

In the square above the green indicates that Weekly suggest mapping the the transaction to Safe-to-Spend. The pizza emoji indicates that Weekly suggest mapping the transaction to the “Eating Out” category. The emoji’s for categories are editable on the Manage Category page.

Now if you like Weekly’s suggestion you simply tap the square and it will turn into a checkmark.

If you don’t want to take Weekly’s suggestion, you can tap the name of the item itself which will bring you to the individual transaction review screen where you can define exactly how you want to map the transaction.

Finally, if you see a gray arrow, it means Weekly doesn’t have a suggestion for you. Simple tap that arrow and go to the individual transaction review and review the transaction and you can also setup new “Always suggest” rules from there.

Managing Your Categories

To see the categories you have in Weekly you can go to “Settings” and tap “Manage Categories”. From here if you are a Weekly PRO user you can add and edit your categories.


Categorizing your Safe-to-Spend transaction will allow you to see how much you are spending in different categories as well as keep track of Weekly averages in different categories. You define what category your transactions below to during the transaction review process either individually or in the bulk review screen. Weekly also offers rules that allow you map vendors to categories so the mapping process can be as easy (and fun!) as possible.