How do I see my sync history?

Each time we connect to your bank or credit card to try to download new transactions, we call this a “sync”.

Your sync history allows you to see the times your Weekly account has connected to your banks and downloaded transactions. This can be useful if you want to know if all your purchases have been downloaded into the app or if you just want to check on the health of your bank connection.

Sync History List

Sync history page shows a running list of the downloads that have happened between Weekly and your financial institution. Each entry will show the type of sync it was – “Scheduled” or “On Demand” – the number transactions that were downloaded and the time of the sync. There is also a check mark or an “X” to show if the sync was successful or not.

Sync Types

There are two types of syncs – “Scheduled” and “On demand”. Weekly automatically downloads your transactions based on what your bank allows by default. These are called “Scheduled” syncs. Each institution is different based on their policies.

But Weekly also allows you to sync when it’s most convenient to you. These syncs that are triggered by you are called “On Demand” sync. On demand syncing requires a sync credit which can be acquired a few different ways.   (See our page on “On Demand Syncing” for details.)

If you trigger an on demand sync that uses a credit, you’ll see a “Used 1 credit” box on that sync history item.

How to see your Sync History

Your sync history is accessible in a couple places.

First, on the “On Demand Sync” page there is a clock icon. Tap on that icon to see the syncs from all institutions.

Second, you can go to your list of accounts. Underneath the name of the bank it will show you when the last sync occurred.

Tap on the institution and at the bottom of the screen underneath the “Manage” heading, you can see an option to see “Sync history”. Tap on that to see a list of syncs just for that institution.


Successful budgeting requires keeping in touch with your spending. Syncing with banks is a great way to make the inputting of transactions into Weekly easier and seeing a history of syncs can help you understand what has been downloaded into Weekly so you feel great about where you are at with your weekly spending.