What do I do if my bank isn’t syncing?

If your bank has not synced recently, here are some things to check.

  • Check your sync history to see the last time your transactions were downloaded.
  • Try using an on demand sync (If your bank has not synced in past 24 hours, your sync will be free.)
  • If that doesn’t bring in new transactions, you may need to update your credentials.
    • Go to Accounts > (The institution with a problem) > Update Credentials

If Weekly still does not download new transactions, it maybe the a problem with the bank and the connection with Plaid which is the service provider we use to download transaction data. In this case the following steps can help alleviate the situation.

  • Contact support – Please reach out to us . We can check on the connection with Plaid and help escalate the issue. Reach out us by going to “Support” in the app (Tap left side menu then “Support”) or email [email protected]. Reaching out to us via the app is preferable because it will help us quickly identify your account and can help speed up resolution.
  • Add transactions manually – In the meantime, you can add transactions manually to keep your budget going. When the connection to the bank is restored, you can map these manual transaction to the bank counterparts.
  • Start using a different account that is syncing – This may not be ideal but you can switch to a different credit card at a different bank that is syncing.
  • Contact your bank – Contacting your bank and explaining their are connection issues with Plaid can help .

If Weekly is not downloading transactions we apologize for an any inconvenience. Please let us know if you are having any connection instability.