Fruits that will Help You to Lose Weight in Quick Time!

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Just as there are certain foods that we must avoid if we want to lose weight, there are some fruits whose consumption can facilitate the task and optimize the results. We know that losing weight is complex. On the one hand, there is every intention of achieving it, but there is also the need to eat something delicious. Balancing these two things is not always easy. Discover fruits that will help you lose weight. Remember that eating a varied diet will help you get all the nutrients you need. We recommend you include different fruits throughout the day and adapt to those that are typical of the season.

This will guarantee that they are fresh, save money and have the body you want.

Fruits that will Help You Lose Weight

1. Avocado

We started the list of fruits that will help you lose weight with avocado or avocado. It is a delicious option, easy to adapt to any taste and full of benefits. Due to their fatty acid content, avocados accelerate metabolism, increase energy and burn fat. In addition, when consumed, it also improves the hydration of the skin by its natural fats. All this without risk for your cardiovascular health since the fats are healthy and beneficial. We recommend you include it in your diet once a day although if you are a lover of this fruit, there is no problem in consuming it more times. You can use the avocado to substitute creamy and very caloric foods.

  • For example, whenever you fancy an ice cream, you can prepare an avocado mousse or a shake that has it as a base.
  • To give an extra touch you can add pieces of seeds or other fruit of which we mention here.

2. Lemon

The second of the fruits that will help you lose weight is lemon and we recommend adding it to your diet frequently. How does it help you lose weight? Discover it:

  • It is a natural diuretic; therefore it helps eliminate toxins by increasing urination.
  • Its citric acid maximizes the function of the enzymes that stimulate the liver, helping it to transform the food into energy.
  • It is rich in pectin, a soluble fiber, which acts by reducing the sensation of hunger.

 Besides being very economical and easy to combine, it is rich in riboflavin, phosphorus, vitamin B, vitamin C and magnesium. By consuming the lemon juice, you accelerate the loss of the extra Weight that bother you. A good option is to drink the following recipe every day on an empty stomach:


  • The juice of a lemon
  • 1 glass of warm water (200 ml)


  1. Squeeze the juice directly on the glass of water.
  1. Mix well and drink immediately.

It is advisable that you prepare it at the moment you are going to consume it because the lemon oxidizes quickly and could lose some of its effects. You can drink this drink every day without problem, so do not miss the opportunity to do so.

3. Watermelon

Another fruit that will help you lose weight is watermelon. This fruit only contributes 50 calories per 250 ml of natural watermelon juice, in addition to vitamin A, B and C and lycopene.

“All this makes it a very satisfying fruit that hydrates you and prevents heart problems and cancer”.

The only thing you have to take into account is that watermelon is a fruit with a lot of sugar. While your sugar is natural, you should control your intake if you are diabetic.

  • Our recommendation is that you consume a medium slice of watermelon two or three times a week. One option is the following infusion:


  • 1 medium slice of watermelon
  • 4 cups of warm water (1 liter)
  • The juice of 1 lemon
  • 5 mint leaves


  • Chop the watermelon into small cubes that are easy to manipulate and consume in a bite.
  • Add the watermelon cubes, the lemon juice and the mint to the water and let stand in the refrigerator for an hour. You can also add ice if you want to drink it immediately.
  • Take with you and drink the infusion throughout the day.

4. Grapefruit 

The last of the fruits that will help you lose weight is grapefruit. Besides having a delicious flavor and being very satisfying, it is recommended quite often for its benefits:

  • It is low in sugars, so you will not have problems if you are diabetic.
  • Improve your digestive process by its amount of fiber.
  • You can easily combine it with your smoothies.

Of these fruits that will help you lose weight, which one is your favorite? Did you already know the positive effects they have on your search for weight loss? Remember that you should seek medical advice when starting a diet. Nobody will guide you better in the process than a professional.


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